"I am not getting any calls for an interview". It happens, more often than not! 

Let's dissect the problem and find out why do we not get calls for interview.

Assumption: You are a good programmer (or at least you believe you are). You know your coding basics and you know how to write "clean" code.


  • Your CV can tell the story only to a level. Beyond that, you need to find creative ways to pass through a scanner
  • The number of applications received for an open position is huge
  • Recruiters and/or hiring managers have a few seconds to decide to go ahead or not with an candidate profile
  • The pressure on the recruitment team is a lot - side effect - see the bullet point above

So, the question is, how do you convince the recruiter or hiring manager (without actually talking to them) to call you for an interview? Show them what you can do, have done and are an expert of!

Show and tell:

  • you can code
  • you can code "clean"
  • Share your coding style
  • how you take care of documentation in code (self documenting?)

Consider your code as the portfolio of your work. Sharing the code helps the hiring manager or recruiter and the applicant both in many ways.

  • it acts as a starting point - ice breaker
  • shows your coding style
  • demonstrates thinking and approach to developing an application
  • quality of code - readability, ease of understanding, etc

Logistics (how to share code?)

While you can share the source code of your demo or side project via any ways possible, the best way to share source code is via a public git repository hosted on Github, bitbucket or any other git repo. Remember to share your public repository with the interviewer not a private one. Sharing a private repository link is only going to get you ignored as nobody has the time to interact with applicant, get the right repo url and then proceed with screening.

Caution: Never share any source code from the company you work for. That source code is the property of the company you work for (even if you wrote it) and not your to share. It is not legal.
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