Heard somewhere: Hey, I have just received this offer. I am about to accept the offer and join the company. Not sure what the role is about and the tech stack, though! Hoping it would all prove to be correct.

Scenario: You are just out of college and got your first offer, and you decide to accept it without your research. 

Unfortunately, that scenario is not rare or unknown. That happens, and that happens to a lot of us. 

Why would anyone accept a job offer without knowing anything about the role and work?

In the final year of college or having just graduated, we are surrounded by the news about placements and questions like "who got an offer from where and who is still looking for an opportunity". It has a direct effect on our thinking and creates pressure on us, often leading to desperation.


This desperation is natural. It happens to a lot of us and in many phases of our lives. The worrying part, though, is that this desperation often leads to a wrong decision. Specifically, accepting an offer from a company for a role which we don't know anything about. If you are in the same boat, STOP!

Action - Instead

Research, research, research! The role and technology you choose in your first job may as well become your primary skill and career path for life. Choose it wisely.

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