Storytelling is an art we need to master!

An interview usually starts with an opportunity for the interviewee to share his experience and knowledge with the interviewer. While the candidate being interviewed doesn't have an eternity to share his professional life saga, it is essential to share it in a flowing narrative with just the right amount of details in the time available. 

The candidate needs to be cognizant of the following:

  • most importantly, ensuring that all the relevant details which the candidate wants to share are present in the story
  • the acceptable time available with him or her to share the professional life story
  • reaction and responses of the interviewer while sharing the story and adjusting your answer based on the reaction

When we start swaying from the above rules and forget to share all the details, we may want to, or the story narration is too long to bore the interviewer, that's when the problem occurs.

How to be effective? One word, prepare!

Think and practice, how would you share your professional story? What all achievements would you want to share. What episode in your career or schooling demonstrates the special skill you have.